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About Steven Mansour

I'm Steve, or Steven. Whichever. I am a web and media technology person in Montreal, Canada. I develop holistic technology strategies for entities ranging from international NGOs to local community organizations - which is all just a fancy way of saying that I do odd things to the Internet in order to make awesome stuff happen more efficiently.

Science and Technology

I started out doing QA on wireless (802.11b) security devices, way back when WiFi was still in its infancy. After founding and managing my own wireless security and auditing company in 2002, I established the Strict Machine Foundation, a consulting firm providing training, support and general mischief to medical groups, scientists, non-profits, academia and community groups mainly within developing countries. My work revolves around helping these groups implement fun things like open-ended virtual communities, rich media distribution, effective privacy policies, citizen journalism, and intelligent information architecture in ways that make sense to human beings.

Current Projects

I am the translation and web coordinator for Google, Inc's Measurement Lab platform, an open, distributed server platform for researchers to deploy Internet measurement tools. This is a joint project with the New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute, the PlanetLab Consortium and academic researchers.

Since early 2009 I am the Director of Technology and Partnerships at the World Association of Young Scientists, a joint UNESCO-ICSU-supported project to support young scientists and early-career researchers. I helped jumpstart WAYS in my free time back in 2005, but since then we've somehow managed to grow it into the world's largest grassroots network for young scientists, and have spawned a number of very active child networks, such as the Permafrost Young Researchers Network.

I work closely with the McGill University Health Center as well as the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sainte-Justine to develop and supervise knowledge transfer, e-learning and social networking tools for Mother-Child Health researchers and students.

I'm on the board of Catalytic Communities - a Rio de Janeiro-based nonprofit working to strengthen community solutions from Brazil and around the world - a project manager at the employee-run tech collective Acorn Active Media, and an advisor to The Ethos Group.

Asides from all that, I also do consulting and freelance work on general tech issues, ranging from tech writing, IT and usability studies to multimedia training, web platform development and marketing strategy.

In the Press

My work on Internet Privacy and wireless security has been featured in major publications around the world:

- "How sticky is membership on Facebook? Just Try Breaking Free." The New York Times, February 11, 2008 . I was also interviewed for similar articles appearing in other newspapers around the same time (Ha'aretz, the Montreal Gazette, the Ottawa Citizen / Canada.com, and others). This led directly to Facebook reversing some of their more controversial privacy policies, and - a full two years later - a Canadian Privacy Commissioner report detailing the exacts points I had raised.

- In 2005 the Courier Laval ran a profile of my then-new community wireless initiative, Laval Sans Fil.

- Prior to that, I'd participated in numerous mainstream media columns about wireless security, including a cover business feature in the Montreal Gazette showing how easy it was at the time to hack into corporate wireless networks.

- I've spoken at a number of policy, political and tech conferences, including the World Science Forum, the National Conference for Media Reform, and the Allied Media Conference.