New HP PC Computer for sale

I just received a brand new computer from a client for a project I'm working on but I don't need it, so if you know anyone who's interested (Montreal area only please), hit me up! :)

Specs are here on the HP site.

In addition to those specs, they've added another 512mb of RAM (for a total of 1gb), a firewire card (I can't find the driver disk, but you can get it easily off the net), and a 17" NEC CRT monitor. It's registered with HP and still has almost 3 years of onsite warranty.

It comes in the original box with all original documentation, including recovery CDs and manuals, optical mouse and keyboard, and all cables.

It runs Windows XP, Symantec Anti Virus - I've also installed Adobe Photoshop CS 3 and Adobe Lightroom, and will leave them installed (no CDs).

The price for the computer itself as you can see on the HP site is $579 USD plus tax and S&H - without the added memory, firewire card and monitor.

I'm asking $500 all included.

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